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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

CeeLuxx is a rapper from Long Beach, California, currently based in Las Vegas. Upon speaking with CeeLuxx, her love of fashion and hip-hop culture is imminent. She's all smiles while I ask her about her background.

She tells me she takes being an artist very seriously. Having grown up in the "Eve" and “Jerking" eras heavily influenced her musical vibe. Her style is bright, colorful, and sexy and is influenced by the iconic Missy Elliot. CeeLuxx says "Missy always looks like herself. You can't miss her."

I asked CeeLuxx about the Vegas music scene, and she told me she feels blessed and happy to be a part of it. "Vegas doesn't have a specific sound...with rap and hip hop, you can easily tell if the artist is East Coast or West Coast." Vegas, she tells me, feels very mixed. "It's still blossoming."

Aside from being an artist, CeeLuxx is an entrepreneur in the fashion boutique industry. She owns a successful online shop called EnVus Looks. She calls this merch since it "represents her," and meeting her after I perused the website, I agree! Apart from pursuing a rap career and running her store, CeeLuxx also proudly embodies the title of mom. Juggling motherhood, rapping, and side hustles is a lot. Yet, CeeLuxx pushes through exhaustion constantly to make her dreams happen. She also tells me she is forever grateful for her incredible support system.

To finish our interview, I asked CeeLuxx how much of "her" is in every performance. Is CeeLuxx an alter ego like Nicki Minaj's Ronan or Beyonce's Sasha Fierce? A little bit. "I'm 70% CeeLuxx 24/7; she's just a lot blunter than I am. So when I'm performing, she can just take over.

You can follow CeeLuxx at @___ceeluxx on Instagram and find her music on Spotify and iTunes.

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