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The Rising Genre Blending Sensation Hip-Hop and Rock

Introducing Knowte [pronounced: Note]: The rising music sensation blending Hip-Hop and Rock

Knowte, also known as JaVon Fox, is on his way to making waves in the music industry with his unique fusion of hip-hop and rock. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Knowte's musical journey began as a means to cope with childhood bullying, and it has since transformed into a powerful outlet for self-expression.

Knowte's father, a former artist himself, played a significant role in shaping his son's passion for music. His father's influence continues to be a driving force, as he shares valuable knowledge and consistently supports Knowte's artistic endeavors.

Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and emotions, Knowte's music emanates authenticity and a touch of swag. This self-made artist normally records at home, choosing and making beats that resonate with him on a visceral level. This approach results in a fusion of hip-hop and rock that captivates listeners with its unique sound and edge.

It’s no wonder that Knowte stems from a diverse musical palette. Knowte's early musical influences include artists such as Run DMC, G-Unit, Pierce the Veil, and Linkin Park. These are the artists that laid the foundation for his belief that hip-hop can seamlessly blend with various genres, including rock 'n' roll and even country music.

Now 25 years old, Knowte embraces his mixed heritage, Black and white, infusing his experiences and personal growth into his music. His upbringing and the knowledge gained throughout his transition from boyhood to manhood have shaped him as an individual and an artist. Known for his wisdom beyond his years, Knowte exudes confidence, having learned to conduct himself with maturity and grace in any situation.

As Knowte embarks on his music career, he remains committed to staying humble and fulfilling his promises. This dedication to integrity and authenticity has already garnered him a loyal fanbase. What keeps him motivated is his seven-year relationship with his partner. Knowte looks forward to having two kids, a boy and a girl. He’s looking to make a big impact on the music industry, and we’re excited for more!

Don't be shy. Go check Knowte out on all platforms, as KnowTe

Check out his latest single, "UnChecked."

I'm your girl Ranessa Harding, and this is “Vibe Check” by Live Mondays

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