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Whatever Beat Lucky Banks is On, it's Gonna Make You Dance

The Live Mondays team had the privilege of chopping it up with Lucky Banks about his love of music, his community, dancing, and hip hop.

If you haven't discovered Lucky or the viral #LuckyWalk yet, let me introduce you; Lucky Banks is a New York City-based artist and, by his admission, "The Hottest Dancer in New York City," and to be honest, he's not wrong. Lucky's love for music came from his love of dancing, something he's had since he was a child. He credits his sister Prada Ro for bringing dance culture to the home. "I used to get in trouble all the time for wanting to be out in Manhattan dancing." Lucky tells me it took him a minute to make his mom believe him, but "when she understood it was serious, she immediately became his support system. Now my mama love it!"

Every song Lucky works on is meant to be danced to. He tells me his songs will always have a "upity" beat, even when he deals with serious topics.

Lucky's favorite dance styles are crumping, break dancing, pop-locking, and boogieing. He also enjoys watching all types of dancing, finding ballet, tap, and swinging incredibly fascinating to watch.

2022 was a golden year for Lucky Banks. He has shared the stage with French Montana and the group GirllCodee on Hot 97's Summer Jam, amongst others. He released his first single, Bounce To The Beat ft. ARNSTAR and DJ Webstar. The music video directed by Borleon Films is out now on Youtube. Live Mondays had the pleasure of featuring Lucky at their 1st Annual Live Mondays Festival this Summer. He also hosted his own event, King of the Room, with fellow artist Kshakes and if that wasn't impressive enough, Lucky went on a European tour with Matt Sanchez on July 8.

Now, apart of the Brooklyn Nets Hype team, Lucky Banks continues to break dance barriers and share his infectious energy with the world.

Now to some fun stuff:

What's your favorite dance movie?

Save the Last Dance, Step Up (all of them), You Got Served, and Beat Street.

What's your pre-show ritual?

I call my son, stretch, pray, and wiggle until I'm ready to perform.

Sza or H.E.R

H.E.R, I like her music more

Nicki or Cardi

Cardi! I love the energy she brings to the table.

Backpack Boys or Cookies


You can follow Lucky on social media as @luckybanks and his music can be found on all streaming platforms and a Tik Tok near you!

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