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Scott Morris Explains What Influenced Him to be the Indie Mogul he is a Today

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

We recently caught up with Scott Morris whose first name derived from his last name Guscott and Morris derived from rock & roll artist Jim Morrison from “The Doors” (an American rock band from Los Angeles in 1965, Grammy lifetime achievement award winners, Grammy Hall of Fame) Jim was the Lead Vocalist! Scott loved to watch documentaries and when he discovered Jim he was blown away by what he learned about him. Scott related to him so much because Jim was a misunderstood artist, much like himself.

Nigel Guscott Is his given name known as “the friendly, people person, class clown, good friend, good son”. Going by the name “Scott Morris” gave him definition as a “man of serious actions”! Breaking into this industry and being taken seriously is important to him and his career. So, hello Scott Morris!

Mr. Morris was born and raised in New York with both his parents. He recalls them both being very caring and selfless. Scott did not know it at the time, but those were gonna be the key values that he now fuels the launch of his career. Early in life young Scott recalled a time when he was with his father getting his tires changed. His father said to him, “when it comes to people they don’t have to do what they do, so if someone does something for you, you make them feel appreciated”.

Growing up Scott’s biggest idol, biggest inspiration, biggest everything aside from his mom and dad, was Lil Wayne (@liltunechi). He wanted to be just like him. Scott loved Lil Wayne's swag; he loved the fact that Lil Wayne contributed so much to the culture. His favorite song by Lil Wayne is “I can’t feel my face” featuring Juelz Santana.

Throughout high school, Scott knew that he wanted to be an artist, and wanted to be just like Lil Wayne (@liltunechi). However he did not know how to get there. He had his first studio session his senior year in high school. He went to college and majored in the law of forensic science at John Jay College (

Still yearning to be a successful artist, Scott changed his major to psychology figuring that music 🎶 is partial psychology. Scott began involving himself in his school culture by attending parties and getting to know board members and politicians throughout his campus and locally on nearby campuses. A mentor by the name of Marlon Daniels saw that Scott had a connection with his peers and asked him to be on a board of the committee where he then planned his first talent show! Ladies and gentlemen reading this, understand that is was THIS moment that Mr. Scott started living in the truth that chose him.

You see sometimes you can have a dream of your own but God has a plan for you! As I digress into who Mr. Scott Morris is... Scott went on to develop more events, more parties, and as he connected with more communities and more schools, his 1st company Dean’s list was born.

Many young, talented individuals showed up to Audition for his tour. In the back of his mind he wanted to be an artist just like Lil Wayne. So this led him to creating a tour so that he and fellow talented musicians had the chance to experience what it’s like to be on tour. Scott set ou tto put one together, go on tour and meet Lil Wayne. Lol, talk about real passion!

1st year 250 people auditioned, in the 2nd year 400 people auditioned.

However, in year two Scott had a few struggles as he expanded his audience going to schools like Howard, and universities in Texas, and Delaware. It become costly. Scott wanted to keep the cost low for artists as he promised so he began creating parties to fund the tour. These events piloted years 2, 3, 4 and five.

Scott has been in the industry for eight years and has done tremendous work. He made a name for himself, built a team, built multiple businesses (@mor.bookings, Deans List) and has helped many artists travel and perform at places they may have never. Scott Morris says that his biggest accomplishment is the Daze Summit Festival of 2022. This year brought more sponsors, more exposure, more artists, more A&R and truly seeing the fruits of his and his team's labor!

Okay ladies I know you’re wondering if this incredibly inspirational man is single. The answer is, no. Scott has found a companion that has opened his eyes to new atmospheres spiritually, musically, and mentally… She might be Mrs. Scott someday. For all you newcomers Scott says the best thing that an ARTIST can have is their character and charisma. The way you carry yourself and your personality will take you a long way in this industry.

Even though he still hasn’t met Lil Wayne (@liltunechi) he is grateful for the inspiration early on in his life.

Scott also puts Kendrick Lamar (@KendrickLamar) on his favorites list, stating he loves “positive rappers” like Larry June (@LarryJuneFM, new rapper from the West coast as well). Music that helps educate the culture is awesome. Larry Jones's music is about health, and entrepreneurship. BIG ups to @LarryJuneFM.!

Past, Next, Current:

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If you want to get on a tour or get more information check out Scott and his team!



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I’m your Queen Ranessa Harding be sure to check me out @savagebosinessa

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