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K GODDESS Has Spoken Her Success Into Existence; It’s Only Up From Here!

Today we sat down with Kemiyyah Washington a.k.a. K Goddess, the young hottie with all the body that’s making all the noise in Brooklyn, NY. Straight Outta Brownville, Brooklyn K Goddess is proving that hard work really pays off!

In just five years into her music career, she has climbed many obstacles. K Goddess is building a brand and creating a lane for herself in this industry. She’s already earned some flowers but is pushing for the whole garden.

Growing up in a somewhat a dysfunctional family, K Goddess was a quick study and learned the streets very young joining gangs, and working in clubs, as she found herself searching for an outlet. This led her to music and basketball. Basketball taught K Goddess patience, discipline, and defining obstacles and most of all kept her out of trouble and her head on straight. Eager to stay focused she worked her butt off grinding and becoming social media famous.

Coming from New York K Goddess’s inspiration is naturally the late Notorious BIG. Naming her song "Bad Bitch Commandments" as a tribute to Notorious B.I.G.'s "Ten Crack Commandments.

Some day she hopes to get a feature with Beyoncé, and Rihanna, but she also anticipates a feature with local rising artists Connie Diiamond & Billy B!

Getting into her early career K Goddess always wanted to emulate the greats and says she wants to be the Beyoncé of hip-hop. She admires Bey’s work and performance ethic and will make sure her outfits and performances are always on point.

K Goddess recalls a time in the beginning stages of her career when she experienced a few setbacks as many independent artists have. Stating her biggest challenge overall as an independent artist is not getting her “flowers”! “Females struggle with the double standard in the world and it’s always been like that.” However, K Goddess understands this industry can be unfair to women and doesn’t use it as an excuse. She always finds a way around it and still strives to be the best!

What’s your Motivation?

K’s motivation comes from her younger brother and sister that look up to her. Growing up in Brownsville Projects K Goddess finds motivation through her mother's issues, and having a fanbase that understands who she is and where she comes from. Her desire is to inspire their lives to be better.

K Goddess, the young hottie with a plan definitely has a lot of things to keep her motivated and overcome the obstacles. Although K is currently single she’s experiencing baby fever. However, we don’t expect any babies from her anytime soon. She’s hella focused on her career, and ensuring that her career is where she wants it to be before starting a family of her own. Her last public relationship was a big lesson with love and hip-hop producer “Swift”. Ladies, we can all agree that anyone or anything that hinders you from being the best version of yourself isn’t worth it! We love single, focused, and get this money K Goddess.

Best Advice to Give:

“If you are a female just getting into the industry remember to keep your legs closed, think before you act, and remember that while you may have great intentions others don’t and they can perceive you the wrong way. For the men out there who want to get into the industry watch the way, you approach certain things in certain situations.

K Goddess also explains how important it is to build an effective team. Her team helps her understand the business aspect of the industry. “Let your team handle what they are made to do if you do not they will not feel respected”.

K Goddess has had quite the year. She killed the Summer Jam Summer Stage 2022, sold out her very 1st concert at the legendary SOB’s in NYC, graced the Live Mondays festival stage, and dropped some really dope music and visuals for her fans.


  • Be the “Hottest new artist out of Brooklyn NY”

  • Make the XXL Freshman List

  • Headline Coachella

  • Headline Rolling Loud

  • Make a #1 Billboard Hit

  • Perform at BET Cypher and the Hip Hop awards

In just five years in this industry, K Goddess has built an incredible Fanbase and touched so many people with her story and accomplishments. We’re rooting for the Goddess and we’re sure it’s nothing but up from here!

Tap in with K Goddess:

IG: @kgoddessofficial

Twitter: @realkgoddess

I’m your Queen Ranessa Harding be sure to check me out @savagebosinessa

And stay tapped in with us here LIVE MONDAYS.

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