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Lou Lou, LA’s female MC Says Her Husband is Her Biggest Support System

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Today we sat down with a queen by the name of “Lou Lou Phenomenal” and yes she is phenomenal, or should I say a phenomenal woman, a representation of true black excellence… Okurrrt!

She's a MOM, a WIFE and a FEMALE hip hop artist representing the span of Compton to South Central. She is on a mission for black excellence and generational wealth. Let's get into this!

Lou Lou started her career in 2011 however she took a break about midway to have children and finish school. While doing so, she also got married, so I asked her...

“What is the hardest part about returning to the music industry and how are you handling the double life?”

She says the hardest part about coming back to the industry overall was time management.


At the time of this interview she was in the studio recording new music. She also had her two daughters & son with her

(who are about grade school level). She was literally on homework helper timing and “we gon’ grind & make this music” timing. (End Disclaimer)

Lou Lou made it known that it is not easy, but it is something that she has to do. She wants her rap career to succeed but she can’t deny motherhood, and no matter what she is determined to make it all work.

As we digress into this interview, we get into asking Lou Lou “what are your career goals?”

She summed it up by saying she wants to “do it for the culture and do it for her kids“ letting people understand that she is a phenomenal woman and can have it all.

Lou Lou’s style is versatile. She can do ratchet rap, mixed with a bit of spoken word, freestyle, and showcase The many facets of being a female hip-hop artist. She can’t wait to collabs with more people and create generational wealth for her family.

Live Mondays is a team of queens, so I had to ask Lou Lou to give us a deep dive of her personal style? As we all know… this queen is versatile. So her style influence originates from her childhood of being a tomboy that has now crossed over to grown and sexy. Sometimes ultra swaggy, and other times she embodies the sexiness of being a woman.

Many of us do not have a support system growing up in the streets of Los Angeles, California. Navigating LA streets in the 90’s was not an easy task no matter your gender. When I asked this question I wanted to understand if she has a support system especially raising three kids and pursuing dreams of being an entertainer.

Lou Lou says her first support system is God, of course, second is her husband. She began to get into more detail about how her husband has been so supportive of her career. Although he is not in the industry he understands and supports his wife’s goals. He helps with the kids and time management when she needs to make club appearances and performances. I don’t think y’all really understand that a LOT of men are not comfortable playing the background and allowing their wife to see the glory. Big shout out to hubby for being the ultra supporter!

Now for the fun stuff:

Lastly, I had to have a little fun with Miss Lou Lou and play a little game of “Never have I ever”, in which I asked her

Have you ever had sex at the studio?

Her response was “NO, but OMG I would love to!”. She went on to say she’s nervous about starting things like that… “now that you mention that my mind is actually thinking about all the crazy things that can actually happen such as turning on the wrong lights and pushing the wrong buttons”, as she giggles and laughs. I then said to her, “I’m sure most artists have done it in the studio”, now it’s your turn. (insert evil laughter).

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