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They call him Say Sumum a.k.a. Chris Edenfield a.k.a. Polk County, I’m so Florida!

Coming to the stage “Say Sumum”! No,no, no…I don’t think y’all heard me. Stand up and act like this is Kevin Hart! Coming to the stage is comedian “Say Summun”! This is the way he intro’ed this interview. I was speechless.

They call him Say Sumum a.k.a. Chris Edenfield a.k.a. Polk County, I’m so Florida!

This comedian is a breath of organic, raw laughter. Say Sumum has been in the industry for nine years and says boy has it been both great and hard. From performances with as little as 10 attendees (and sometimes just the staff) to shows with hundreds in the crowd, comedian Say Sumum has done it. Not to mention performing in venues that seemed to be ok with squabbles breaking out in the middle of shows.

“How did you get started?”

Chris always had a knack for being funny and it’s always been something that he loved. He draws from his comical inspiration from those who came before him, like Martin Lawrence and Bernie Mac. Focusing on his career has saved his life and kept him off of the streets and being a thug. Filling people with laughter and joy on that stage brings him alive.

In the beginning, Chris says that he was not taking his career seriously. He’d do six shows a month and still be out in the streets “thuggin”. During his most recent incarceration, he had enough time to think long and hard about taking his life seriously and doing what was best for him and his family. “Value what you love and God will bless the money to come '' Say Sumum, 2022! As he reflects he says comedy saved his life, and for that, he will always be grateful and humble.

“What Type of Comedian do you consider yourself?”

Chis considers himself a freestyle comedian because he does not write his jokes. He feels the crowd, feels the environment and spits whatever comes out his mouth!

“What's the funniest thing to happen on this journey?”

During one of his comedy series, he puts on different borrowed or donated wigs. One particular time he had borrowed a friend‘s mom's wig. She hunted him down for about a month and a half calling, texting, and telling everybody she wanted her wig. She even threatened him on Facebook by making a public announcement about her wig. Chris couldn’t believe that she went through all of that for a wig (a synthetic one) that was already in bad shape. The thought tickled him so much that he returned the wig as soon as he got back in town.

“How do you prepare for a Show? What is your advice for new skin in the game?”

Chris likes to prepare for a show by watching those who come before him to feel the energy of the stage and the crowd. He gets no sleep the whole day before his show because he is focused and excited. All he needs is a little alcohol and MJ (weed) and then magic happens. Chris says he feels the most at peace when on the stage.

Don’t give up, don’t feel like you cannot make it, get a support system and get a good team.

Stay prayed up and don’t give up no matter what!

Don’t expect big money when you first start in the beginning. It's worth sticking to the landing and you will succeed. Sometimes you will have to do a show just for the publicity and opportunity so always stay humble.

Fun stuff:

“What’s your take on Will Smith and Chris Rock?”

Chris stated that it would not have been him to stand there and take that slap! Chris did not stand by his last name And “Rock!” However, in his opinion, he feels that Chris Rock had written a joke and got caught up in the midst of taking it too far. He also believes that is a natural danger of writing a joke because you want to make sure that you get to your punch lines, while still feeling the crowd and going with the flow.

“In today's days who are the new Kings and Queens of Comedy?”

Tiffany Haddish Kat Williams-Bring him back

Demetrious Gore County Wayne

B Simone DC Young Fly

Just Neish. Micheal Blackston

Patrice Lovely Myself Say Sumum

Past, Next, Current:

A&E Dirty Rotten Cleaners season 1 (season 2 tbd)

A Netflix Special - COMING SOON

Non-profit charity Tours- COMING SOON

For more updates on Say Sumum aka Chris Edenfield follow him on

IG @comedian_SaySumum

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His son & greatest motivation:@_lachriss

I’m your Queen Ranessa Harding be sure to check me out @savagebosinessa

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