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Tyrant aka TheGodism is NOT a battle rapper, but took the WIN at a competition in Cassidy’s Mansion

Updated: May 13, 2022

Today we sat down with a true rising star, Tyrant a.k.a. The Godism! Hailing from Kentucky This astonishing multi-talented individual is a lyricist, word juggler, battle rapper, and just overall artist!

Young Tyrant has had the passion of rapping since a very young age. As we dove into discussion he revealed that he has been rapping since grade school. He references back to a memory of him being in an adult competition and winning because of his talent. Unfortunately he had to give his winning prize to his auntie because he was too young.

Tyrant considers himself a hip-hop artist however he did got his big break by pursuing battle rap. Tyrant says that he turned to battle rap after constantly receiving criticism or even challenges from other rappers when trying to sell his mixtapes on the streets. That competitive fire 🔥 alone challenged him to freestyle battle rap, and Tyrant ended up winning rap battles all around his community. It was to the point where there was no one left in his city to challenge!

With reference to a name like “The Godism” He's got to be something special, so we asked him, “How did he come up with his name?”

He says that since God is the almighty and the highest level of all, being anywhere close to that is Godism.” Tyrant has had many references to being a speed rapper so fast that he has been compared to rap star artist Twista! He stated that it is an honor to be compared to one of the greats, that is the true meaning of Godism.

“What is music to you?”, I asked. Tyrant stated that music is an expression, but he doesn’t like that music is not as original as it used to be. He went on to say, a lot of music is all starting to sound the same. However a good song is a good song in such a way that one good song has the potential to reach global audiences and be loved. That's the beauty of music.

“How do you juggle handling your family and career?”

With all the love that he has for his career, Tyrant also loves his family just the same and says that his family is his biggest support. Stating that his wife and him have been together since they were kids and she knows his heart.

“How do you feel about the double standard in the industry (a man can do it but a woman can’t)?” Tyrant stated men from a small town in the industry have it hard. His perspective is that men are told to provide and take care of your family. If he’s off chasing his music career then he was looked down upon. However he says that he doesn’t let that stop him as long as he takes care of his family and they understand he will continue doing what he needs to do and even in the times when they don’t understand he pushes toward that his mission and it’s going to benefit everyone in the long run. 🏃‍♂️

“What's the Best Advice to give an artist just starting?”

If you are in your early 20’s do not try to start a family while you’re pursuing your music career because it is very challenging. If you do not have a money source to invest into a beneficial marketing budget you are not going to go far and it’s going to be harder for you in the beginning!

Past, Present & Future Projects

  • Went viral for A fire Freestyle at rapper @Cassidy_larsiny House.

  • He currently has several projects with Rap Artist Ransom

  • Tyrant has an album feature with artist Ransom that just recently dropped on 4/29 called “No Rest For The Wicked”!

For more updates on Tyrant follow him @TheGodism on IG and check out his current projects on all streaming platforms. Be sure to check the links below for the viral moment at Cassidy’s house. Ya boy got bars!

I’m your Queen Ranessa Harding be sure to check me out @savagebosinessa

And stay tapped in with us here LIVE MONDAYS!

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